About Us

Ballenwyck Publishing Corporation is a publisher of children’s books that incorporate traditional elements—adventure, mystery, discovery, danger, triumph—to engage and entertain primarily children but also readers of all ages. Through the years, the most cherished books have proven to be the earliest ones read and those with universal appeal and a timeless feel; stories of the sort that in days-gone-by often began, “Once upon a time . . .”

In a world that appears to deliver a message that more equals good, Ballenwyck Publishing has a slightly different take when it comes to reading, especially with regard to children’s literature, and that is: Good equals better. A book that genuinely pleases is likely to be read more than once—to recapture a mood, an atmosphere, a memory. Contact Us


As We See It—

Picture Books

A book publisher is in the imagination business.

  • Illustrations enhance but never take the place of the written story—the well-chosen word. (We love words and want children to love them too!)
  • The best pictures are warm and inviting, like a cozy blanket.

Children’s Books In General

Children’s authors hold a unique position and their audience is a very special one. Anyone writing for children has the potential to leave an enduring impression and to fire a life-long passion for reading. Such a writer should hold himself/herself to the highest of standards.

  • Slang, colloquialisms, and bad grammar are used only when a particular character dictates—dictates absolutely, that is!
  • Meeting new words paves the way to bigger and better stories ahead.
  • The concept of “the dumb down” just isn’t welcome.
  • A good moral doesn’t wear heavy boots.
  • An ending that doesn’t satisfy isn’t worth the trouble.

M M E Grealish


M.M.E. Grealish

Apart from early crayon murals on the family walls and a bit of dabbling here and there over the years, M.M.E. Grealish didn’t really apply herself to drawing until illustrating her children’s books. Writing, on the other hand, has been a more integral part of her different careers, the latest being freelance editor in the textbook industry. So much of what Ms. Grealish does has children at its center, including a radio show she hosted some years back, Then and Again, aimed at bringing generations closer together through the music and movies the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. Because of her father’s work, M.M.E. Grealish spent many of her growing-up years overseas: Chile, France, and fifteen years in England. Ms. Grealish now resides in the Charleston area of South Carolina. See Gallery for art portfolio